Thursday, October 29, 2015

Letting go

by death or by choice. Either way it burns deep because the wound is fresh with blood and emotion. Be it art, writing, people or pets. Today was a little of both. 

I was invited into the intimacy off the final moments as a friend's dog fell asleep for the last time. We cried. Engaged in gallows humor, cried and hugged. 

But I also said goodbye by choice to someone I can't quantify in my life. He has always been there like a shadow, dark and dangeous, but safe...for me. He was home. We kissed on my mothers porch and he disappeared for years. We found each other again, and always did. I can't find what wishes to remain hidden. I wanted to though. I always did. 

I've thought he was dead a hundred times before. But now I suppose I will never know. 

But I'm just a silly girl. 

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