Thursday, April 21, 2016

I flatlined here for a little while. Ok, a year. It's been a year of introspection and change, both inside and out. I've been writing, but mostly on-topic of some longer work I've been at for a couple years now. She is a character born of blood and stone. Forged by rage's own fire. She has been waiting for me to get it right before I go too far. But being mom and writing from that place don't always mix well. She's patient. And I've been playing with other, calmer points of view pieces. The post I just made was a good-bye to a girl I loved, who went missing one night. Parts of her were found much later by people who don't deserve those kinds of memories. It's taken 4 years to find those words I said to her one afternoon. She was a jewel of the Milennial Generation. All of you are. Sine on.
She said: I suppose I am the color blue. I said: No, you're the color yellow. She said: It's because of my yellow eyeshadow in that picture, isn't it? I said: No. You're the yellow of daffodils who defiantly stare down the sweeping, gray skies that want so much to cling to winter. You're the yellow that chases the smear of clouds so the sun can bring us spring again. And then. And then she was gone. And her daffodils still bloom.